Spending too much time on your digital marketing?


The New Digital Marketing App!

Zelia is a software and app, made in Costa Rica. It designs and schedules your digital marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Always taking into account your necessities and the nature of your business.

Best thing about Zelia is that every move is strategy based. Our algorithm will let you know what results you can expect according to your current budget and current Social Media metrics.

Technology + Human talent

With Zelia you will receive professional designs, ad spend management and automated scheduling for your ads. So, basically all you do is check your campaigns, ask for changes and approve the ads you like. And you get reports on your results! 

Simple and Complete!


How does Zelia work?

step 1

Set your game plan

You will have a monthly call with one of our experts to plan your campaign, optimize your budget and nail your content strategy.

Step 2

Approve and publish your content, with 1 click

No more meetings to review each post. Through Zelia you review and approve your content from your phone or laptop, then Zelia will automatically schedule and publish your content.

Step 3

Review your results and set goals for your next campaign

Zelia automatically sends you weekly reports of your campaign results, and together with your Dedicated Client Success Manager we'll find insights and opportunities to improve each month.


Zelia is your smart digital marketing assistant


Continuous Growth

Zelia allows you to measure your results quickly and easily. Plus all marketing campaigns are made to fit your profile.


Experts at your fingertips

Our network of designers is made of qualified experts. They generate your content in your style!


We take care of everything

Zelia programs and publishes your ads and posts. In the app you’ll be able check them every month to approve or request changes.



Focus on your business and we'll take care of your marketing.